Working with Tile Roofing in LakewoodWhen you are thinking about replacing your roof do you ever give tile a thought? When you’re working with tile roofing in Lakewood, consider the following tips.  Doesn’t tile roofing make you think of picturesque vistas on the Greek coast or quiet Tuscan villas overlooking vineyards in Italy, French chateaus at the foothills of the Pyrenees, or Spanish haciendas? If tile is such a popular roofing material in other parts of the world, why not here in the United States?

There are a couple of reasons that come to mind.

  • Not every Lakewood contractor has the experience on installing tile.
  • Bidding on tile roofs can be tricky and contractors are afraid to overestimate or underestimate the job.
  • Tile is heavier and more difficult to handle than asphalt tiles.
  • There is a cost factor that has to be considered.

Is tile more expensive to install than other types of material? Probably. But after the initial installation cost the tile does have some redeeming qualities that offset the installation cost.

Energy efficiency – Tile is installed on a “floating system”. Each tile is fastened to a strip of wood that raises the roof tile off the deck. This creates air space between the tiles and the deck. This air space insulates the roof deck which helps the structure to stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It has the same effect as double pane windows.

Durability – Water does not affect it, wind does not bother it unless over 150 mph, freezing and heat do not affect it, and hail usually will bounce right off of it. It does not burn so it will survive wildfires.

Insurance – Some insurance companies offer discounts for using this type of roofing material.

Longevity – You probably will never need another roof. There is a pub in England that was built in 1260 that still has its original tile roof on it. Need we say more? Tile has the lowest life cycle cost of any roofing material used today.

Colors – Tile now offers a range of colors with different profiles and a multitude of design options

Aesthetics – In addition to being attractive and adding curb appeal to your home should you ever want to sell your property any real estate broker will be ecstatic when they see your home.

If you are searching for an upscale look you can afford you might consider slate tiles.  They also date back hundreds of years, are very heavy and can be difficult to install with the wrong contractor doing the job.  The upside is they are natural, durable, attractive, fire resistant and environmental friendly.

Once you get past the cost of materials you next need to focus on the right Lakewood contractor.  Someone who is familiar with tile roofing and has a history of working with tile under their built.  This is where Colorado Premier Roofing can help.  A look into our experience and history with all types of roofing including tile is well documented.  We have many awards and testimonials to back us up so why not work with the best.  Your roof deserves it.  Give us a call at 303-789-1107 today!