Decorative Asphalt Shingles Lakewood ColoradoSo, you’ve lived in your home for a few years, well maybe more than a few and you find yourself at this time in your life that you’d like to sell your home and move somewhere else.  Perhaps the little cottage by the sea is calling to you.  Perhaps a tiny home, with less responsibility and more time to enjoy all the hobbies you enjoy outdoors is pulling you.  Perhaps you’re an empty-nester and you just want to downsize and move into a place for just the two of you.  You dream of travelling, being a big more carefree and having to live life a little more expansive than you have previously.  But you know, that your roof is about to give out after thirty plus some years of honorable service to your family.  The question is, should you do the roof replacement before selling your home, or just sell it as is, and let the next homeowner deal with the “joys of home maintenance”?

Thinking that you might pass the roof replacement to the person that purchases your home is 1) unrealistic; 2) out of integrity and 3) not going to happen.  If the inspector for the purchaser comes in and says, the roof needs replacing, you’re either going to have to take the amount of the new roof off of your asking price, or you’re going to have to replace the roof before you sell the home.  So why don’t you step into integrity before selling your home and replace the roof, so that the price of your home goes up because you have been conscious about maintenance and have taken care of business before you sell your home?

Real Estate in Colorado is always going towards the seller, if you have taken steps to maintain your home throughout your ownership.  Prospective buyers notice how things have been taken care of.  They notice landscaping, roofing, finishes, maintenance of flooring, walls, heating, air conditioning and other parts of the home that are important to home buyers. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and wouldn’t you want a home that was taken care of in every way, knowing that you were purchasing a home that has been well-maintained up to the point of you purchasing the home?

So, back to that roof that may need repairs or replacing.  You need to contact a roofing contractor in Lakewood Colorado that has your best interest at heart as a homeowner who is looking to sell their home.  You want the materials that will last for the next 20 years (the life expectancy of a new roof) and you want the work to be stellar, because you are selling your home to someone who will be living in your home for several years to come. You don’t have to be fancy with the materials, but you want them to be beautiful, long-lasting, durable and able to withstand the weather in your neighborhood.  That may include winds, hail storms, rain storms, heavy snow and other weather conditions particular to your neighborhood.

You need to find a roofing contractor that understands your needs and can offer you a replacement or repaired roof that won’t set you back too much, but keep you in integrity before selling your home.  Colorado Premier Roofing can help you with an economical and solid roof replacement before selling your home so that you will feel good about turning your abode over to the new owners.

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You’re in charge of your future.  It is much brighter when you take care of your responsibilities now.