Energy Star Rating for RoofsMany folks have asked us, Is a new roof a tax deduction? That’s a great question and we’ll answer as best as we can. Depending upon your state, Energy Star tax credits can be claimed at tax time with the proper requirements fulfilled for your state.

Here in the USA, we spend $40 billion annually on air conditioning, nearly a sixth of all of the electricity generated here.

Energy Star qualified roof products reflect a lot more of the sun’s rays, which will lower roof surface temperatures by up to 100F, decreasing the amount of heat transferred into your house.

Energy Star required ratings are as follows: “Metal roofs with the appropriate pigmented coatings” and “asphalt roofs with the appropriate cooling granules in their makeup”. So getting the right roof, with the required Energy Star Efficiency ratings can save you energy and help cut the load on electricity used during peak periods. You have to look at your overall home, insulation, location of your home, climatic conditions as well as your building’s envelope efficiency.  We hope this helps answer the question, Is a New Roof a Tax Deduction?

Check with your tax accountant about tax credits, for due diligence. However, if your roof is damaged, don’t wait for a tax credit with Energy Star efficiency ratings! Call us at 303-789-1107 right away to schedule a FREE Estimate!