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It never fails. Once warm weather rolls over the Rocky Mountains, Colorado gets pounded by storms that often bring hail. For the most part, hail is an annoyance. But every so often a major hailstorm hits the area, and everything takes a beating!

Our roofs do an excellent job protecting us from the elements, but with the right combination of weather, that pounding takes its toll. Eventually, an extreme weather event in and around Denver and Lakewood will force you to get your roof repaired or even replaced. That’s where Colorado Premier Roofing has you covered!

Why is Hail So Damaging to Roofs?

Most of the time, hail is harmless – it pings off your roof, and that’s that. You might be awed by the amount of hail that hits the ground, but unless it’s a significant size, it may not do much damage.

However, looks can be deceiving! Depending on the size, shape, and where the hail impacts your roof, you may not notice the damage when the storm is over. It’s critical Colorado Premier Roofing comes to your home, inspects your roof, and ensures there’s no lasting damage that may cause issues down the line.

Hail becomes more destructive to roofs and the exterior of your home the larger and denser it becomes during a storm. Hail in Colorado has been known to impact roofs at over 25 MPH – imagine a baseball hitting your roof at even a third of the speed you see on television or at the ballpark. After every hailstorm – no matter the size – you should inspect your roof for any signs of dents, broken shingles, or other issues you didn’t notice before. If anything looks out of place, call us to assess the damage.

Colorado Premier Roofing has 18 years of experience dealing with hail damage in the Denver metro and Lakewood areas. We’re here to help you navigate the ins and outs of roofing issues related to hail, so you don’t have to do it on your own. Let us help you get your roof ready for the next storm!



Denver Roofers

This is the best company! I was referred by a friend that said they have had Colorado Premier Roofing replace their roof 3 times (all due to hail and wind damage). I called and received a call back within 2 hours that in itself is impressive! The field supervisor came out, assessed the damage and reviewed the paperwork I received from my insurance company.

Ready to Get Serious About Hail Damage?

If your roof’s taken a beaten and you’re not sure if it’s up to the challenge of the next storm that rolls our way, call us today at 303-789-1108!

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