Turtle Vents for RoofingIf you drive through a newer neighborhood you will notice on the roofs of the houses, there are a variety of vents. One type of vent is a turtle vent. There are really three main reasons those vents are placed there:



  • To Save Energy – During warm summers your attic could be contributing to heating your home creating the use of additional air conditioning. By ventilating the attic it gives heat a place to go outside of the home.
  • To Save Your Shingles – If you have no attic ventilation or poor ventilation it can affect the shingles of your house by baking the shingles from within the attic itself in some cases voiding the warranty.
  • To Prevent Moisture – Properly placing and installing the right vents will prevent moisture from being sucked into the attic which can result in damage to your ceilings and roof structure. Vents also help reduce moisture developing from condensation.

Venting your roof properly takes a professional like Colorado Premier Roofing where we understand the difference between over ventilating or under ventilating your attic. In the case of over ventilating in our area you risk having snow accumulate and enter through your ridge vent. Under ventilating your attic can be just as bad and is really much more common. If your attic does not have good airflow it will stay warm during the winter possibly causing snow to melt from your roof and refreeze in your gutters and at your eaves.

Now that we know why we need venting, how do we know which type of venting to use, as there are a variety of vents available today. Here we will discuss turtle vents. What is a turtle vent? It is probably the most common form of roof vent. You see them all the time on residential structures and you can recognize them because of their “cap”. They are usually placed on each side of a peaked roof in order to supply adequate ventilation. In Colorado without proper ventilation you will see blisters on your roof which look similar to hail damage along with dry rot of the roof decking.

Turtle vents, also called box vents, are static vents which means they have no moving parts. The cost of the vent can run anywhere from $10 to $50 each not counting installation. To install the vent your professional roofer will need to cut a hole through the roof in various predetermined locations. By installing these units it will allow hot air and moisture to escape the attic. Turtle vents come in a variety of colors and materials including plastic and metal.

If you are constructing a new roof or need to upgrade an existing roof you need to contact Colorado Premier Roofing in Lakewood to give you an evaluation of what will work best for you. Turtle vents or something different or a combination of vents? Our experienced professionals will come out, inspect your new or existing roof and make sure they design a ventilation system that will last for years to come.