Roof Maintenance ColoradoRoofing is an important investment in your property. Both businesses and homeowners are adding years to the life of a roof by having Colorado Premier Roofing conduct a yearly maintenance check-up. The pro-active approach to maintenance can save you thousands of dollars in roofing repairs and replacements.

What will we do for maintenance of your roof and thereby adding years to the life of a roof?




  1. First we’ll check that you have proper insulation and ventilation installed. This reduces your energy costs, prevents your roof from warping and reduces the amount of moisture collecting in your property. Insulation and ventilation also prevents snow and ice from melting and refreezing, which can cause expensive water damage to your roof, your property and any electronics in your home.
  2. We’ll check to make sure your roof deck is solid so it will not warp, move, buckle or deteriorate.
  3. We’ll check to make sure the flashing is properly installed around vents, sky lights and chimneys. This helps to prevent water damage to your property.
  4. We’ll check to see that the gutters are free of debris and the downspouts flow easily. We do not clean the gutters and downspouts, but if they are filled and inoperable, we’ll let you know so you can prevent water damage to your roof deck, walls and property.
  5. We’ll check the roofing materials for curling around the bottom edges particularly noticeable during cold weather.
  6. We check for surface cracking in the roofing materials, both industrial and shingles.
  7. We also check for blisters in the roofing which could be a manufacturing defect and/or poor ventilation.

If Colorado Premier Roofing installed your original roof the basics, such as the solid roof deck, flashing and insulation are our proper business ethic and included in our services. Your roof is a big investment and proper, regular maintenance will be adding years to the life of a roof for you. But having the yearly maintenance, no matter who installed your roof, it imperative for you to keep your roof in tip-top shape for years to come.

Colorado Premier Roofing offers yearly maintenance check-ups as an important division of our company. Call us today to set up your yearly maintenance on your roof!