This is the second post of our two-part blog about the best types of shingles for roofs in Colorado. As a quick refresher, we wrote about asphalt, architectural shingles, and clay tiles in our last post. You can read it here.

We also touched base on the concept that more durable material is not automatically more expensive. While it’s true as a general rule of thumb, there are many instances in which the more popular material is not the most durable, but it can be the more expensive choice if the high demand drives the price up. It will always be worth to look around.

The remaining materials that are great solutions for a new roof and offer great value are slate, corrugated metal, and standing seam metal. Let’s jump right it!


A very durable material. Slate roofs last up to 70 years because the stones are very minimally processed and naturally “made for the job”. Drawbacks here is that the shingles are heavy, which will increase labor costs. It’s one of the most expensive material to install.


Corrugated Metal

This material can easily offer great cover for an older structure and give it a nice new look. The aluminum variants of corrugated metal are pricier, but also very efficient. This material also ranks high on the durability scale. Corrugated metal roofs often last up to 70 years. 


Standing Seam Metal

The modern take on metal roofing. It is one of the most impermeable and durable kinds of roofs. It will last beyond 70 years with minimal maintenance. If you can afford it, you won’t regret this type.


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