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Having been a Colorado “home-grown” roofing contractor in Metro-Denver since 1998, we at Colorado Premier Roofing have helped many clients throughout the metro Denver area by helping them ask the right questions when it comes time to replace your roof. If you’re educated about roofing, you’ll be empowered to make the right choices and be less likely to fall for scams of dishonorable roofing companies.

After a high wind or hail storm that has caused damage to your roof, you really need a local roofing contractor that knows exactly what to do, can address your questions and your damages properly and quickly and efficiently. You want your life back as quickly as possible and having the right roofing company on your team, can make a big difference on the impact these roofing damages can make in your life.

It never fails, here in the metro Denver area, that after a large hail or wind storm, there are scam artists knocking on doors to homeowners offering their “expert roofing services”. Or the “hail damage repair for roof” signs start popping up along the streets like mushrooms after a hard rain.

We have developed good relationships with our customers because we care about them deeply and want to help them through a traumatic time. Our clients know we are trustworthy, honest, reliable and professional. We help our clients understand which questions to ask their insurance agent when they are processing a roof replacement or repair claim so you and your insurance company are in great communication. Clients are our friends and family and they feel that in the way they are treated and cared for when a new roof is on the agenda.

So if we haven’t had the pleasure of you being one of our loyal customers in the past 17 years, we’d like to offer you a few tips that may help you face a roof repair or replacement with confidence and assurance that you are doing everything right and that in the end, you’ll have a good, solid roof that will last you for years to come and your wallet will not have taken a beating along the way.

  1. Find a local company. You are less likely to be scammed or ripped off if you are dealing with a local roofing contractor whole business is based in the Metro-Denver area of Colorado. Find a business who is established, rated high in the Denver Better Business Bureau (BBB), and belongs to local roofing associations as a good-standing member. Always ask for local referrals from your insurance company or agent, and clients. Follow-up with those referrals and get a good feeling about the integrity of the company, it’s values and their professionalism. Solid local companies will understand the local codes and rules and regulations as well as employing stand-up crews and have a good relationship with their suppliers. Get to know the team who will be installing your new roof. Proven professionalism through local referrals is a great start to your roof replacement or repair project. Colorado Premier Roofing has many local client, insurance company and agent referrals along with requiring our teams to be top-notch, professional and experts in their fields. Look at our team on the Colorado Premier Roofing Team page.


  2. Look into the company’s manufacturer designations, certifications and standing. Manufacturer certifications and designations are an honor only bestowed upon roofing contractors who have passed certain minimum requirements to be a factory-certified company. Some manufacturers have stringent requirements to be certified. Colorado Premier Roofing believes in staying on the top of our game by taking ongoing classes to keep current with manufacturing standards and be masters of our roofing trade. We hold the following certifications:
    1. CertainTeed Shingle Master Company Certification
    2. CertainTeed Master Shingle Applicator Wizard Certification
    3. Haag Composition and Wood Roofs Damage Assessment Certification
    4. Owens Corning Preferred Contractor Certification
    5. Owens Corning Preferred PRIDE Contractor Certification

  3. Check out the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings of a roofing company. Many contractors show up at your door after a storm looking for work. By looking them up on the Denver BBB site to check out their rating, you can save yourself a lot of headaches and heartaches by hiring a contractor with an A+ BBB Rating and preferably and Gold Member in good standing. Many manufacturers insist their maintaining satisfactory BBB scores in order to retain their certification. If a contractor cannot be found on BBB’s site, steer clear of them! Check out Colorado Premier Roofing’s BBB Rating Here.


  4. Acquire a warranty. Some contractors cannot offer manufacturer warranties which includes coverage of the contractor’s workmanship. If a roofer installs your roof incorrectly, the damages may not show up for years. If the company is still in business, the contractor may not agree to fix the problem. Insurance won’t cover the damage so you end up paying out of pocket for a mistake made years before. Make sure the contractor offers a warranty. Colorado Premier Roofing offers a 5-year warranty on our labor and will supply a labor certificate upon request of the homeowner.


  5. Be conscious of safety and cleanliness. Make sure your contractor is trained in safety and has a safety program in place before starting work on your property. Also ask them about the cleanliness of the work site when they complete each day. Companies with integrity are as concerned about safety as you are and will offer you their safety training and policies. They will do the same regarding the clean-up of the site daily. Colorado Premier Roofing offers the safety policies and standards your job deserves as well as cleaning up the site daily so as not to intrude in your life more than necessary.


  6. Ask them to provide a copy of their insurance to you for validation. Inadequate insurance provided by the contractor could lead to litigation between the homeowner and the contractor if one of the contractor’s employees sustains and injury at your home. Colorado requires licensing for roofing contractors, however, unscrupulous contractors will work unlicensed and can lead to a whole lot of legal trouble for you as the homeowner. Do your due diligence, and check out the contractor for proper licensing with the state. Check this link for Colorado Premier Roofing’s status for licensing in the state of Colorado.


  7. Pay your insurance deductible. Be wary of any roofing contractor who tells you they can handle your repair or placement without the homeowner having to pay their insurance deductible is asking you to commit insurance fraud and putting the homeowner in danger. Your insurance deductible is your responsibility and the contractor should include that in the quote they deliver without inflating the cost of the service to cover the cost of the deductible. Stay in your integrity and the agreement you made with your insurance company, and require the contractor to honor that commitment as well.


  8. Be responsible for your own insurance claim. Some contractors claim to be insurance “claim specialists” or that they will “take care of your insurance claim” may be trying to break the law. Most states would consider it illegal for the contractor to act on the homeowner’s behalf when negotiating an insurance claim. As noted in number 7, above, be wary of any contractor who could be leading you as a homeowner into possible legal action. They are not working “for” you in any way, shape or form.


  9. Don’t cave into pressure. Don’t let the contractor rush you into signing any contract for repair or replacement with them before your insurance company gives you an estimate of the damages. Be strong and continue to say to the contractor that you will be working with the correct amount of repairs, after your insurance company has quantified the amount the insurance company will pay. After the insurance company has responded to the claim, a good contractor will thoroughly inspect the home and make certain the insurance adjuster hasn’t missed any damages to your home.


  10. Understand your roofing material choices. Any contractor who doesn’t offer you a selection of roofing material choices, doesn’t have your best interest at heart. The color and style of the shingles will have an impact on the resale of your home. Colorado Premier Roofing offers a wide range of color and design choices for your particular home. They can also consult with you on the protection of materials with the kind of weather you generally experience in your local area. Do a Google search on roofing materials and be ready to explore with your contractor, the best materials for your home. You have the control to make your new or repaired roof the good investment it needs to be.

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